Current Research Projects

  1. 2015. VicHealth: Scoping project on mental health and resilience of young people entering the labour market. 2015, $20,000.  CIs Milner A, Allisey A, LaMontagne AD.
  2. 2015-2017 Australian Rotary Health: Detecting fatal and non-fatal suicide attempt clusters in young people. 2015-2017, $169,889. CIs: Spittal M, Milner A, Pirkis J.
  3. 2015-2017 Deakin University: Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Fellowship. Job stress and suicide: a case-control study assessing exposure to job stress using innovative epidemiological approaches. 2015-2017, $151,740. CIs: Milner A.
  4. 2014-2016 Movember: Men@Work project. 2014-2016, $2,878,621. CIs: Harvey S, Christensen H, Proudfoot J, Mitchell P, Bryant R,Glozier N, Hickie I, Buchanan J, Ryan R, Calvo R, Bohle P, Salador-Carulla L, Fernandez A, Milner A, LaMontagne AD, Page KM, Dollard M, Henderson C, Thornicroft G, Madan I, Henderson M, Mykletun A, Overland S, Maher B, Goulbourn J, Buckley S, Bolger S, Lyons T, Halliday I.
  5. Understanding individual, workplace and system level influences on return to work in a changing Australian labour market. Funded by ARC Linkage Project (LP130100091), 2014-2016, $716,282, includes $300,000 partner contribution from WorkSafe Victoria. Smith P, Sim MR, LaMontagne AD, Hogg-Johnson s, Lilley R, McConnell-Lynch H, Ryan S, Hill J, Fitzpatrick TM, Browne TM
  6. The contribution of job stress to suicide: a case control and life chart approach. Funded by American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (SRG-1-09-13) 2014-2015, $90,000 (US). Milner A, LaMontagne AD, Bugeja L.
  7. The Victorian Suicide Register. Funded by NHMRC Partnership Project (APP1056789), 2013-2016, $177,892. Pirkis J, Bugela L, McClure R, Milner A, Robinson J, Studdert D.
  8. Identification and analysis of health service and pathways to health services contact amongst persons who suicided in Victoria, 2009-2010. Funded by Beyondblue Centre for Excellence, 2013-2014, $277,390. Bugela L, Pirkis J, Milner A.
  9. Suicide by occupational skill level in Australia. Funded by Early Career Researcher Grant, the University of Melbourne (App1248624), 2013, $36,000. Milner A.
  10. Thriving Workplaces: An integrated approach to workplace mental health Funded by SuperFriend: Mental Health Foundation. 2013. $201,700. Page KM, Milner A, LaMontagne AD.
  11. Integrated Workplace Mental Health Promotion for the Prevention and Management of Mental Illness in the Workplace" Funded by the Australian NHMRC (Partnership Grant), 2013-2015, $444,452.   LaMontagne AD, Noblet A, Jorm A, Reavley N, Smith P, Keegel T, Martin A, Milner A. Partner Investigators: Verins I, Batchelor M, Van Dugteren C.
  12. Development of Questionnaire for Longitudinal Study on the Social and Economic Participation of People with Disabilities."  Funded by The National Disability Research and Development Grant Scheme, 2012-2013, $100,000.  Kavanagh A, Emerson E, LaMontagne AD, Mallett S, Hansbro J, Dawe F, Krnjacki LJ, Bentley RJ, Llewellyn G, Vaughan C, Pirkis J.
  13. Development of an integrated mental health literacy and job stress intervention."  Funded by The Institute for Safety, Compensation and Recovery Research (ISCRR), 2012-2013, $200,000.  LaMontagne AD, Noblet A, Milner A, Page K, Jorm AF, Reavley N, Martin A, Keegel T, Smith PM.

Research Program

Work, Health and Wellbeing