Understanding place based racism and fostering local interculturalism

Project summary

This seed project has an interdisciplinary team of researchers from MSGPH, School of Historical and Philosophical Studies and the Graduate School of Education. It involves analysing secondary collected from residents living in Victoria's most disadvantaged neighbourhoods. These neighbourhoods are some of the most culturally diverse in Victoria and survey data showed both support and intolerance for multiculturalism and high levels of expressed racism. The project will analysis these data to gain insights into how circumstances of prevailing socioeconomic disadvantage influences intolerance for multiculturalism and possibilities for fostering positive local interculturalism to inform place-based anti-racism interventions.

Project team

Deborah Warr
Rosemary Mann
Mammad Aidani
Jessica Gerrard
Naomi Priest
Jessica Walton
Yin Paradies


ID Seed Funding from the Melbourne Social Equity Institute.