Carlton Tripartite Partnership evaluation

Project summary

The Carlton Tripartite Partnership was one of the outcomes of the Carlton Community Planning and Engagement Project, initiated by the City of Melbourne in 2008. One of the goals identified by the project was to promote closer co-operation with the University as a key local organisation, and a formal agreement between the three parties was entered into in 2011. In 2012 the University funded an evaluation to identify existing and potential projects and activities supported by the partnership, and to identify the understanding gained about building university/community partnerships. The evaluation drew on the experiences of individuals involved. It showed that the partnership contributed to new and productive engagement between the University and the Carlton community. It provided insights into both the challenges and benefits of university/community partnerships, and found that the principles and practices of community development processes are an essential foundation for their success. The most consistent finding was the importance of cultivating expertise within the University to engage in effective community development.

Project team

Dr Deborah Warr (principal investigator)

Dr Richard Williams