Learning more about the relationship between health and the places people live, work, learn and play can better prepare us for the challenges of tomorrow

Place, Health and Liveability

Creating healthy, liveable and sustainable cities is a major challenge in the face of population growth, social inequalities, traffic congestion, peak oil and increases in non-communicable diseases. Planning and delivering better cities is a local, national and global priority.

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Work, Health and Wellbeing

Healthy work promotes physical, mental, economic and social wellbeing and in turn the health and wellbeing of families, communities and society.

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Anti-racism and Diversity

A 'fair go' for all is necessary for healthy people and communities. Valuing Australia's cultural diversity and making sure our communities and organisations are free from race-based discrimination are important steps in achieving this.

Social Infrastructure and Community Capacity

The Social Infrastructure and Community Capacity Program addresses the ways in which the social aspects of places influence health and community wellbeing.

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NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Healthy, Liveable Communities

The Centre of Research Excellence in Healthy, Liveable and Equitable Communities investigates what cost-effective built environment interventions would create healthy, liveable and equitable communities in Australia, and what would facilitate these being translated into policy and practice.