Urban Brainwear Workshop at the Mood Mobility and Healthy Ageing Conference (Edinburgh)

Professor Billie Giles-Corti recently attended the 2016 Mobility, Mood and Place Conference in Edinburgh from 11-14 October, and participated in a workshop using a mobile EEG device.

As part of the workshop Billie was asked to wear an EEG monitor and walk through an environment of extreme spatial contrast (a long dark tunnel, and then a pleasant open green space) in silence, taking notes, images and sound recordings. On return the workshop participants marked up a map for display at the conference and discussed the technology, its application and the experience of both the walker and the group. The EEG record showed a shift in intensity of affect evident during the tunnel walk.

You can watch a video of the walk and read more about the workshop here.

With thanks to Richard Coyne (Mobility, Mood and Place Co-Investigator) and Dorothea Kalogianni (PhD candidate in Architecture) of the University of Edinburgh.