‘Art of Place’ workshops in Moonah and Glenorchy, Tasmania

Dr Gretel Taylor, Research Fellow at the McCaughey VicHealth Community Wellbeing Unit, will facilitate a series of workshops 'Art of Place' for Moonah & Glenorchy residents in November and December 2015.

These workshops will draw upon site-based art and community cultural development practice to explore perceptions of place, locational identity and sense of collective belonging in particular neighbourhoods of Hobart.  The 6-week series will introduce participants to site-based arts practice and begin to generate aesthetic material (such as photographs, text, performance and sculpture) for exhibition in 2016.

Gretel is currently artist in residence at The College of Arts at The University of Tasmania and Moonah Arts Centre. Gretel's residency in Hobart is part of ARC Discovery project 'Challenging the stigmatisation of poverty and place-based disadvantage', led by sociologist A/Prof Deborah Warr at the McCaughey VicHealth Community Wellbeing Unit, and with Keith Jacobs, Housing Department, University of Tasmania, as coordinating investigator. Hobart is the second site for this research, the first being Wyndham, west of Melbourne, where Gretel has been artist in residence (1 day per week) for the last 14 months.