Allison Milner and Tony LaMontagne have been awarded $500,000

In collaboration with IncoLink, Allison Milner and Tony LaMontagne have been awarded $500,000 for a smart phone mental health program called "Contact&Connect".


Contact & Connect is a stigma reduction program for unemployed construction workers.

The project addresses stigma associated with depression. A series of SMS messages are sent to participants on a regular basis over a five-month period. The messages link to a variety of online educational resources that participants can engage with on their smart phones. These resources are aimed at stigma reduction through de-bunking myths about depression, challenging stereotypes, normalising depression and empowering participants.

The program is an innovative approach to stigma reduction with a hard-to-reach group of men. It draws on recent research that shows regular contact over a long period of time can produce positive results for those experiencing depression and suicidality. Through rigorous evaluation, the project aims to fill several gaps in knowledge about stigma reduction in the areas of male mental health.